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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is newscenter 5 at noon. national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] emily: good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm emily riemer. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio in for erika. here's a look at some of the big stories developing right now. an american woman confirmed killed in that knife attack in london. police now saying mental illness, not terrorism, is likely to blame for the random rampage that injured five others. emily: funeral services today for the 7-year-old boy who drowned after wandering away from a drop-in summer camp in boston. family and friends saying a final goodbye to kyzr willis.
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england today as hillary clinton surges in several new polls. trump's campaign manager also acknowledging conflict inside his campaign. emily: but first, developments in london. police now say the woman killed in that vicious knife attack was american. antoinette: a second american and four others were also hurt in yesterday's rampage. alex marquardt tells us police say mental illness, not terrorism, is likely to blame. alex: today, a london are stepping security up on the street after a random knife attack in russell square. this is, a norwegian national of somali origin suffering from mental health issues. >> we have found no evidence of radicalization that would suggest the man was motivated by terrorism. alex: police arrived on the scene of the stabbing after 10:30 last night, minutes after the first of many emergency calls.
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where you are. alex: officers used a stun gun to subdue the teenager on suspicion of murder. >> he was found. -- bound. so many police officers came and blocked the streets. alex: after several recent terror attacks, london's mayor is urging calm but vigilance. >> you live with that threat of terrorism or other crimes in the back of your mind. guess. alex: it came within hours of london police announcing they will be putting more heavily armed officers on the streets in an effort to boost the public's confidence following several deadly isis inspired attacks. this is already a nervous city. let us police chief -- lnond ondon's police chief saying an
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emily: funeral services are being held today for the 7-year-old who drowned after wandering from a south boston drop-in day camp. family and friends gathering to say goodbye to kyzr willis. the boy's body was pulled from the waters off carson beach last week. willis' death prompted policy changes at all of boston's city camps, especially when it comes to monitoring children. antoinette: right now, a worcester man is about to face a judge accused of assaulting a police officer. jones appiah allegedly tried to zone on country club boulevard. when police approached him they say he yelled obscenities and tried to run off. even after being pepper sprayed, police say appiah charged an officer and tried to gouge his eye out. he's facing a number of charges. also new today a man is due in a , maine courtroom in just a few hours, accused of making deadly threats against portland police. those threats started popping up on social media yesterday and
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the police chief says they were able to trace them to a 28-year-old norwegian man who was vacationing with his family after flying into boston a few days ago. emily: right now, two people are recovering after being hit by a car in lowell, one of them suffering serious injuries. the driver of a bmw sedan tells newscenter 5 a man and a woman ran out into branch street last night without looking. e no charges have been filed. right now, a woman is recovering after a terrifying close call in woburn. luz sawyer says she was driving down locust street when she just blacked out. her car then hit a parked car, a street light, police, and a fence sending this 12-foot metal rod right through her windshield. it grazed sawyer, coming just inches from her face. >> not far from her head. it went right through the middle. if you look where the headrest
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emily: sawyer lives right around the block. her neighbors and family came rushing to get her out. doctors are now trying to figure out why she blacked out. antoinette: live pictures of ver boston now. sunny, clear skies. the humidity is on the rise. it's going to get pretty uncomfortable before possible storms this weekend. a.j.: yes. gradually heading that way. enjoy today. a light little sea breeze is happening. it is a day out there. we actually need some rain so the rainfall coming in will help in some places. temperatures right now sitting in the 80's of the coast. boston at 82, but i expect sea breeze to start getting in here. it will be lihght. 76 right now in worcester. 80's in maine right now.
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of maine. we will find showers and thunderstorms back to the great lakes and upper midwest. these are slowly marching eastward, and this is our next weather maker. it arrives late thursday night to friday. we will be talking about that momentarily. ahead of that front, look at these temperatures. well into the 80's to near 90 degrees already, and we are only midday, so there is more time for these temperatures to go up. this traio more importantly, that dew point. we will be dealing with human air. i-- humid air. it will feel downright oppressive. i will have a full forecast coming up for you in a few minutes. emily: thank you. commitment 2016. donald trump hitting the campaign trail in maine today as republicans' frustration with their nominee hits a new high. party leaders now appealing to the billionaire businessman's children as new poll numbers give hillary clinton a bigger lead.
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lana: both hillary clinton and donald trump are on the campaign trail, and they are trading barbs. mrs. clinton: donald trump is unqualified to be president. lana: continuing to mention comments against the family of a fallen veteran. mrs. clinton: this is not someone who understands the honor, the duty of serving america. lana: donald trump focusing obama and the wall street journal investigation that alleges the administration swapped cash for iranian hostages. mr. trump: we paid $400 million for hostages. such a bad president. lana: video of the event is being corrected by his owns its person after donald trump told the audience this. mr. trump: the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane. lana: his spokesperson confirmed
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the u.s. hostages being released in geneva. this comes as his campaign manager acknowledges the non-endorsement paul ryan and john mccain have opened up rifts. >> we have sort of had a rule of not getting involved in primaries. lana: not backing down from any of his controversial comments. according to the latest poll, it may be taking its toll. raising $82 million in july. emily: a new poll of likely new hampshire voters shows hillary clinton with a big post-convention bump. the wbur poll gives the democrat a 15-point lead over republican donald trump. with four electoral votes new hampshire is an important swing state. the poll suggests that granite state voters are uniting behind the former secretary of state. antoinette: for the first time, early voting comes to
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ballots as early as 11 days before election day on november 8. back in 2014, the state legislature approved early voting for the commonwealth every two years for national elections. president obama will address what is and isn't working in the fight against isis today as the u.s. military increases its engagement in libya. the president is holding a meeting with military and national security advisors at the pentagon this afternoon, followed by a news conference at 4:15. air and on our wcvb mobile app. emily: boston police preparing for a public hearing on body cameras for officers. a city council committee will hold a hearing tonight in mattapan to get feedback on a plan expected to launch later this month. that program would equip 100 boston officers with body cameras for six months. civil rights advocates have pushed for the policy for months
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nationwide, but boston's police commissioner has expressed concern about the cameras. one big issue is privacy. how much content should be recorded, and how long should it be stored? the other issue, money. the globe reports a 2014 review shows running 900 cameras would cost about $2 million a year for audio and video storage. antoinette: construction on the stalled casino project in everett officially gets underway today. these are images of what wynn boston harbor will look like once it's done. license to begin work this week. city leaders in nearby somerville had asked the state department of environmental protection to stop the project , but lost that battle. the groundbreaking is scheduled for this afternoon. new york is ending its battle with fantasy sports websites. the governor has signed a bill legalizing the sites after months of contention. the law calls for companies such as draft kings and fan duel to pay an annual fee of up to
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revenue. but the new law does not settle a key question, whether the games are considered illegal gambling. miami taking action against zika virus. the assault now underway to try and prevent the virus from spreading. emily: remember this horrific crash caught on camera? the driver who survived that rollover is now talking about what happened. a.j.: coming up after the break i'm a we talking about the latest on hurricane earl whether or not we eventually get rainfall from it. we can certainly use it. antoinette: some surprising news for woman trying to get pregnant. what your tonsils and appendix have to do with your chances of conceiving. >> the 10:00 news on tv boston.
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emily: moves on the weekend that can hurt your health. antoinette: the warnings to keep
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informant, sent the agent gift cards for mobile messaging accounts, and traveled to libya twice in 2011. he's the first american law enforcement officer charged under the federal anti-terrorism law. emily: the future of the florida nightclub targeted in june's deadly attack is up for debate. orlando's mayor says he wants the city to buy pulse to create a permanent memorial to the 49 people killed by a gunman who opened fire on june 12. club's owner has met with city officials, but talks are still preliminary. antoinette: a brazen heist caught on camera in philadelphia. surveillance video shows three suspects breaking into a jewelry store. they smash the displays, before before getting away with $10,000 in jewelry. witnesses say the suspects were all dressed in black and wearing masks. no one was hurt, but several people were inside the store at that time.
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on camera, is speaking out. this video shows joe myers' car flipping eight times in florida last week. incredibly, myers survived only suffering a few small cuts and scrapes. he says there's only one reason he is still alive today, a group of good samaritans who rushed to save him. this week, he got a chance to thank them in person. >> they pulled me out through the sunroof because they cannot open the doors. the doors were wired shut. for saving me. emily: police are still investigating the crash but think it started when myers hit a mailbox and a group of atv's parked on a street. antoinette: officials in miami taking action in the battle against the zika virus. today, crews began aerial spraying in an effort to kill zika-carrying mosquitoes. ray raimundi with the efforts to stop the virus from spreading further in the u.s.
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mosquitoes began early sunday morning. >> we are taking it very seriously. ray: from the ground too high in the sky, intense spraying taking place in miami, also known as ground zero of the outbreak. >> they have been testing 1000 mosquitoes a day. they have not found a single one that is contaminated. ray: it has been three days since the cdc unprecedented travel ban, telling pregnant women to stay away from that miami neighborhood. after the state health confirmed 15 local cases of zika directly from mosquito bites, a panic creating a frozen zone for tourism, causing fear among expecting mothers. >> i think the perception is as bad as reality when it comes to something like this.
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breeding areas for the insects so they can destroy them. $26 million and spent to stop the spread of the government demanding help from the government. >> let's not lose focus there is $300 million sitting there waiting to be spent. ray: florida's governor is making zika testing available for pregnant women statewide for free. area spraying will continue every seven days for the next four weeks. emily: a race against time in california as crews battle two fast-moving wildfires. the first is burning in big sur. that one has charred nearly 73 square miles, but is now 25% contained. the other, sparked by a campfire in northern california, has scorched seven square miles, but it's spreading quickly and crews are now asking for the public's help to find whoever started that fire. hurricane earl is now a tropical storm after making landfall in belize overnight. the storm moved ashore as a category one storm before weakening. it's expected to continue to
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that's prompted mexico to drop all warnings associated with the storm. some good news. a.j.: a lot of times, and this is where i think a lot of folks get complacent around here, is that the mornings drops -- warning drops. the still has the potential to drop eighth of rain over central mexico -- a foot of rain over central mexico. let's talk about the latest. again, it is a tropical storm right now. winds hello hurricane criteria. that happens when a tropical system makes landfall. the friction of the land tends to wear it out in terms of wind speeds. 50 miles per hour. it is moving to the west at about 12 miles per hour. we are still seeing a large affecting storm system through
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right into the heart of mexico. lots of mountains in here. that helps enhance the rainfall through this weekend. with time, you can see all the moisture staying right over mexico. does not show any signs that any of this moisture gets incorporated into another system in the u.s., so we will not get into any of that rainfall across the u.s.3 i it is dry again for us today. great thing if you're on vacation. farmer or any kind of agriculturist. relief perhaps. watching sta some showers and storms heading away. manchester, worcester, the severe drought area as many stated with -- area has been expanded. the severe drought area is in size by 50%. the impacts are now turning
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wells, that sort of thing are starting to dry up. we are getting some decent agricultural impacts from this drought. it extends all the way to the portland area. this is getting to be real serious outside. right now in boston, 82. pleasant degrees. south easterly breezes. a comfortable humidity level out there. however, that will be changing into tomorrow and saturday as well. tonight and into tomorrow. a cold front on saturday. that is what i just showed you in the midwest. the potential for some strong to potentially severe thunderstorms. severe protectall of new englanl risk. that means we may see a few of these in isolated fashion start to pop up. noisy thunderstorms. if we get into those, lightning, gusty winds, and heavy rains
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and -- hail, and no rotation. clear tonight down to 60 or 65. for tomorrow, temperatures nearing 90 degrees in many spots. add in the humidity, and it feels worse than that with the winds coming in from the south. let's take you to your seven-day forecast. it will cooler at the coast line for today. hot and humid for tomorrow near 90 degrees. the humidity will make it feel elite. -- easily. showers and storms pave the way for much drier more pleasant air on sunday. sunday the pick of the weekend absolutely. next week, it remains precipitation-free. if you are here on vacation, good news. not so good news if you have any agricultural interest. that is my forecast. emily: thank you.
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for alzheimer's disease, and it . antoinette: researchers have now developed a biochip blood test that detects your risk, and it has the same accuracy as a standard dna test. the chip can conduct multiple tests on a single blood sample, saving you money. you can also get the results quickly in just eight hours. emily: if you've had your tonsils or appendix removed, your chances of getting pregnant may be higher. the results of a 15-year study in britain counters previous theories that such surgeries reduce chances of fertility due to scar tissue forming in the still, experts say more research is needed, and they warn young women should not get their tonsils or appendix removed for the sole purpose of getting pregnant. antoinette: a dog that ran away from a crash scene is found months later.
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emily: a dog that ran away after a car crash in new hampshire last month has been found. antoinette: this is pretty amazing. meet lotto. the german shepherd ran away from the crash scene in bow back on july 23. he was found by granite state
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seeing him in the woods on tuesday. his name is lotto. you have to go by a lotto ticket. emily: lucky week. a.j.: lucky weather week for those on vacation. once we get into saturday, that is when we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. we could use the rain.
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>> anybody can have a bad day, and we here at the show know that as well as anyone. that's why today we're letting players who ran into some bad luck the first time around take another crack at that $1 million. it's second chance week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. ar [cheers and applause] that's good, because we got a great game going. our returning contestant is a philosopher who believes that fortune favors the bold, and so far, he's taken many risks that have all paid off. he's six questions away from the million. he has all his lifelines. so let's bring him out. from park slope, new york, please welcome back james rowe. [cheers and applause] welcome back, buddy. >> nice to see you again. thank you, thank you.


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